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FAN EXPO Canada is grateful for your media support to help us spread the news about our exciting pop culture event filled with great visuals, public interest stories, elaborate costumes, guest appearances and much more. Our media team is standing by to assist you with your enquiry. Please contact them directly for these and other enquiries relating to media coverage:

  • Background information about FAN EXPO Canada
  • Interview requests with FAN EXPO Canada spokespersons
  • Interview requests with FAN EXPO Canada guests and partners
  • Image and B-roll requests 
For media questions, please contact Touchwood Public Relations:

Jennifer Rashwan
(416) 593-0777
[email protected]
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Media Accreditation & On-Site Media

Media accreditation and services are provided to media on assignment to cover FAN EXPO Canada. Due to the demand for tickets, the number of press passes available is limited and we are not able to approve every request. Notice of application status will be emailed to applicants no later than one week before the event, or before public tickets sell out. Be sure to review the guidelines for on-site media below before applying and refer to the FAQ if you have any questions. If you require additional support; [email protected]

Media Accreditation for 2019 is now closed!

4 Important Rules for On-Site Media at FAN EXPO Canada

Media Passes must always be worn. Respect the responsibility of this pass: follow the rules and ask the on-site media team if you have any questions or concerns about your access or activities on-site.
Every interview with a FAN EXPO Canada representative (including crew members) and/or FAN EXPO Canada invited guest (Media Guest, Creator Guest, etc.) must be pre-approved and arranged by the Media Team. Any “drive-by” or unapproved interviews are strictly forbidden and will result in eviction from the show. The on-site media team is more than happy to help you achieve the interviews you’re interested in. For best results, submit a wish list for on-site interviews prior to the show.
On the show floor and in panels, photographers and camera operations must be at least 12 feet away from any celebrity guest. You are required to stop filming/shooting if asked. Permission must be obtained for videotaping, filming or recording that is intended for commercial purposes. Camera crews are free to roam the show floor but cannot set up equipment in a fixed manner without approval.

Media passes do not guarantee access to panels or ticketed events. Specially Ticketed Event access must be pre-arranged for each event. Any special requests must be made in advance with Touchwood PR.

If you wish to attend, cover a panel or workshop or special event, please make arrangements with the on-site media team. In most cases, they’re able to arrange for seats on a case-by-case basis with notice. In most cases, recording is permitted for the first 3-5 minutes of a panel (from behind the first row); please confirm with the on-site media team and respect the special instructions of the crew members operating each room/event.

Press & Media FAQ

Popular questions and answers about covering FAN EXPO Canada before, during, and after the show.
FAN EXPO Canada encourages media from all formats and locations who intend to cover the convention to apply for media accreditation. However, due to the large volume of applications, not all applications are approved.
Applications are reviewed within 2-4 weeks from the time the application is sent. The Touchwood PR team will reach out to the email noted on the application. Touchwood PR reviews each application carefully, please be patient.
Unfortunately, No. Media Passes are named and will require corresponding I.D. to be used on-site. If you plan on covering FAN EXPO Canada with an attendee that does not have media passes and have any questions or concerns, please connect with our media team on-site.
No, each media staff members must be present to pick up their respective badges with valid photo ID.

Please provide personal/professional information in your application, and proof of assignment.

FAN EXPO Canada only approves media who will be filing coverage before, during or after the Expo. Especially for independent or emerging media, or media new to the Expo, please make sure to include information on your outlet (reach/circulation, audience profile, etc.).

Your media accreditation allows you the following privileges:

  • Media Pass to enjoy and cover the event with complimentary admission during regular show hours. For out-of-hours special events or events taking place off-site, please pre-arrange attendance/coverage with our Media Team. 

  • Assistance of the on-site Media Team. This team of dedicated communications professionals is on-hand to help you in any way they can from uncovering untold stories, to providing directions.

Your media accreditation does not allow you to:

  • Invite/admit additional guests.

  • Receive front-of-the-line service, early entry or advanced access at the Expo.

  • The ability to record full panels or events.

A note about attending panels, workshops, etc.

At FAN EXPO Canada, our priority is to provide fans with the best possible fan experience. Therefore, we are unable to set aside seats at all panels and events for media. However, in some cases, special arrangements can be made to set aside seats. If you wish to attend a specific panel or event, please content with the media team.

The Expo Media Team is standing by for your interview requests, whether they be pre-event phone interviews, in-studio visits, or on-site interviews in-person. Interviews with celebrity guests are granted depending on the celebrity’s availability and if the celebrity approved the interview. Interviews are NOT guaranteed and are limited. Pre-arranged interview requests can be sent to p[email protected]

Photographers and camera operators must be at least 12 feet away from any invited guest (Media Guests, Creator Guests, etc.). Please inquire via the volunteer assisting the Guest if you may photograph or film them first. You are required to stop filming/shooting if asked. During panels and workshops, in most cases taking photos (without flash) and recording is permitted for the first 3-5 minutes of a panel (from behind the first row). However, not all guests wish to be photographed/recorded. Please confirm with the on-site media team and respect the special instructions of the volunteers operating each room/event.

Yes, a media room and lounges are provided for guest interviews and editing purposes. Media Rooms and Lounges are located at the InterContinental Hotel with direct access to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. InterContinental Toronto Centre is located at 225 Front St W, Toronto.

Upon arrival, please check in at the Halton room for badge pick-up and access to our lounges.

WIFI is available.

There is no designated parking for media. There will be designated parking for marked vehicles ONLY when requested in advance through Touchwood PR.

The internet bandwidth in the convention facilities is often a challenge due to the quantity of fans using their smartphones and the concrete/structure.

  • Projects for commercial use must be pre-approved by the Expo Media Team and will require Media Accreditation while on site. Commercial cameras operating without approval from the media team are prohibited and may not be granted access.

  • If you’re planning to shoot for non-commercial use, please respect the following rules for filming on site: 
    • Always ask permission before photographing or filming anyone, including other attendees. 
    • On-camera interviews with Expo guests are not permitted without media accreditation and arrangement via the Media Team.
    • Cameras are not permitted to set up in a fixed position.
    • When photographing FAN EXPO Canada guests, please keep a distance of no less than 12 feet. 
    • Recording panels or other programming is prohibited. 
    • Stationary lighting, or large obstructive light boxes are not allowed. • Pole mounted lights are not allowed. 
    • The use of selfie sticks is not allowed anywhere onsite.

  • If you do have any issues while on site, please ask to be directed to the Media Team table for assistance. We’re be there to help and do our best to make sure you have a great time capturing your experience at FAN EXPO Canada!