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Thanks for your interest in FAN EXPO Canada. We have a few guidelines for using our brand resources. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with them.

Our Name
“FAN EXPO” is two words, spelled with all capital letters. Followed up with Canada. The only capital letter is C.

Our Logo
To celebrate our 25th Anniversary we have revised our logo. It’s pretty marvelous if we do say so ourselves.


FAN EXPO Canada | Celebrate 25 wordmark is to be used for all Co-Promotional Partners as part of the 25th Anniversary events.


FAN EXPO Pride logo is to be used for all Pride related promotions and special program affiliations from June 1 - 25, 2019.


FAN EXPO Canada (red/white) is our official logo. This logo is to be used if your event or promotion is not associated or affiliated with the 25th Anniversary events or Pride.


The logo packages below include the FAN EXPO Canada 2019 logo, FAN EXPO Canada 2019 Pride logo, and the FAN EXPO Canada 2019 Crest.

Download EPS or PNG files.


Our Colours
The preferred way to use the FAN EXPO Canada logo is red/white/black over a red background.

The fine print
This is a friendly legal reminder that these graphics are proprietary and protected under intellectual property laws.

Please do
Provide plenty of space around the FAN EXPO Canada logo. Make them big, make them small, just give them the chance to breathe and not feel cluttered.

Please don't
  • Alter these files in any way.
  • Display these graphics in a way that implies a relationship, affiliation, or endorsement by FAN EXPO Canada of your product, service, or business.
  • Use these graphics as part of your own product, business, or service’s name.
  • Combine these graphics with any other graphics without written consent from FAN EXPO Canada.