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We have reached the end of the road on our very first Master of Cosplay Grand Prix! Our qualifiers from FAN EXPO Dallas, Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, MEGACON Orlando, FAN EXPO Boston & FAN EXPO Canada will be compete head-to-head for the ultimate prize of $5,000 and to be crowned as Fan Expo’s very first Master of Cosplay Champion.

Before crowning our Master of Cosplay Champion, contestants will compete in the Norther Qualifying round in order to determine FAN EXPO Canada’s winner. Contestants must pre-register in order to participate (see below for details) and will be pre-judged by a group of award winning cosplayers.

Once the Northern Qualifier has been chosen, the Central, Western, Southern and Eastern Qualifiers will compete one last time for the ultimate title of Master of Cosplay Champion!


"I draw inspiration from everything, from pulling organic elements from natural textures to designing art deco armor based on architecture.  It is important to me to add my own style to existing designs to personalize my work.   Video games always have such amazing designs that I want to bring to life as well.

I am who I am thanks to my parents.  They have always supported me even though it took them a little while to understand why I was doing it.  But my partner, Nick is by far my biggest supporter.  He always offers me help and advice, pushes me to keep going, and helps me out of my ruts.  I couldn't do it without him."

- Jessi Arntz

"For anyone that’s ever worried or been scared to enter a cosplay contest the best advice I can give is to get up there and do it. Some of the best moments I’ve had and the best friends I’ve made have started off backstage where everyone is one big ball of support and fun. We’re both amazingly proud and honoured to be representing the West and are super excited to meet the other fantastic cosplayers from around the US and to show them what our great country is like. "

- Lane Monteith

"If you’re worried that your costume isn’t good enough, well it is good enough, because you’re the one who made it. It doesn’t matter who you are, that costume is the person that you want to be and that you love. It doesn’t matter what someone says about you, what matters is who you are and that you are proud of what you did. If someone else wants to put you down or say that your work isn’t good enough then they are just a negative person."

- Daina Friend


"I’m a Graphic Designer by trade, and have always been artistic. My college degree led me through a path of traditional art classes and I always loved creating beautiful (or weird!) works of art. After college, my boyfriend got me in to RPG video games like Skyrim and Diablo, which I fell in love with. I loved the stories, worlds, and characters — they whisked me away to another place where I could be a badass, Nord warrior or mighty Crusader. Around the same time, my coworker and friend, Tracy, encouraged me to try my hand at cosplay. Why not bring the fantasy worlds I loved to life with art? I began looking up cosplayers and found makers like Volpin Props, Punished Props, and Double Zero FX, and never looked back."

- Samantha Bork

"I have been sewing since I was 8, but my cousin took me to a convention in 2012 and it was uphill from there!"

"Everybody starts somewhere with their cosplay, but if you keep practicing and perfecting your craft, you’ll achieve any dream."

-Luisa Earle


Will it be you?


Gina G. is an award-winning master-level costumer and cosplayer from Toronto, Canada. Her life's passion has always been costuming, and over the last decade Gina has produced work for theatre, film, television, and some of the world's largest video game developers. In the last few years she has traveled throughout Canada and the US representing Henchmen Studios, alongside her time on set and in the workshop for Toronto's film industry.

Vanya is a New York based designer, patternmaker, and costumer specializing in sewing and intricate needlework techniques. She has studied Fashion & Textile Technology at Buffalo State University, with a total of twenty years of sewing experience.

Other relevant skills include leatherwork, fabric dyeing, patterning, thermoplastic manipulation, resin-casting, and a new investment in learning CAD and 3D printing pieces to create truly full-custom costume builds.

Vanya has been part of the cosplay community for fun and competition for the past eight years, attending cons throughout the US and Canada, as well as competing in some of the largest contests in North America.

Glitch Cos is an East Coast based cosplayer, mostly known for his Protoman Cosplay. He has won a variety of costume contests on the east coast and many awards over the years. His background is in Mechanical Engineering, and he brings a unique style to the cosplay community. Glitch will be helping to judge this year’s costume contest with his extensive knowledge of prop building and crafting.


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